Air purifier P130 BONECO

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Recommended for small rooms up to 12 m² (30 m³)

Manufactured by: BONECO, Switzerland

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BONECO P130 Air Purifier with triple action purification

BONECO P130 – Style and performance in a small package

  • Easy – Plug in, turn on, enjoy
  • Strong – HEPA purification
  • Stylish – Sleek & modern design

The P130 is a high-performance air purifier with triple action purification. A combined pre-filter and HEPA filter with an Ionizer and UV-C light provide a strong CADR. It is lightweight and portable and can easily be moved to any room in your house to purify the air exactly where you need it.

The BONECO P130 with Triple Action Purification: (1) a uniquely engineered HEPA filter with H13 filter material helps remove particles from the air, (2) and in combination with a UV light helps reduce certain viruses and bacteria*. (3) The ionizer helps improve the filter efficiency as well as clumping airborne particles together so they can be cleaned up more easily with other household dust.

Product highlights

  • HEPA filter with H13 filter material, UV-C light technology and ionizer.
  • Triple action purification with UV-C light helps reduce certain viruses and bacteria. *
  • HEPA filter removes PM 2.5 particles, pollutants, dust, smoke, and allergens.
  • Ionizer improves filter efficiency and helps remove airborne particles.
  • Filter replacement light alerts when the filter should be checked and if necessary, replaced to always guarantee an optimal filter performance.

*Eliminating Bacterial Rate (Staphylococcus albus 8032 – 99.99%, Escherichia coli 8099 – 99.99%) according to GB21551.3-2010 Virus Removal Rate (E. Coli Phage Phi-X174 – 99.98%) according to GB/T 18801-2015

Product details

  • Analogue controls
  • HEPA Filter
  • Ionizer
  • UV-C light
  • Filter replacement indicator

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We have been dealing with your needs for more than 60 years with the aim of bringing healthy air from the Swiss mountains to you at home.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 28 cm
Power consumption W



pure white

CADR m³/h


Operation noise level

48 dB(A)


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