TSP Ltd.

  • Head Office: 1504 Sofia, 13, Panayot Volov str., VAT No BG131226386
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.
  • TSP Ltd. is the Official and Exclusive Bulgarian importer for all the products offered. TSP Ltd. provides the guarantee and after-guarantee services and the sale of all spare parts and consumables.

  • In our company shop you can pay with the following credit cards:
    VISA Electron, MasterCard, TRANSCARD EWV и JCB cards

TSP Ltd. offers innovative new products, natural healing systems for young and older people, for wherever they spend more than 80% of their time – at home, in their flats, in their office or in the car. We can live longer and healthier

“It’s not how long you have lived; it’s how long you have lived in good health…”

Tsanko Panitchersky, TSP Ltd.

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