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Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

One of the most serious health problems facing people today is poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and it can affect any indoor space. Even in small doses, air pollution can irritate respiratory conditions, trigger allergic reactions and accumulation overtime within the body can lead to chronic illness or in the most severe cases cause death.

Although it’s impossible to control pollution outside, the quality of the air indoors can be managed. And since people spend approximately 90% of the time indoors, it is essential to understand IAQ and how to improve it. The origin of IAQ problems is directly related to the development of energy efficient buildings. Buildings constructed or retro fitto consume less energy are sealed tight and do not introduce any new fresh airfrom outside into the stale inside air. Irritants will remain inside, because there is little air circulation to “flush” the old contaminated air away.

Opening the window isn’t the answer either, the outside air quality is rapidly deteriorating. A portable or installed air cleaner or filtering system can drastically improve Indoor Air Quality, if it’s the right one.

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