Humidification and Purification Systems?

The Ultrasonic System AIR-O-SWISS uses ultrasonic technology to increase your comfort. The ultrasonic system uses high-frequency vibrations to turn water into a micro-fine mist, which is then blown by a fan into the room where it immediately evaporates. Ultrasonic...

Did you know…?

Did you know…?

Did you know...? ...air is the basic essential of life! We draw 12,000 liters (that`s over 3,000 gallons) of air into our lungs. We breathe in and out 20,000 times each day, yet we don`t spend much time in the fresh forest air. On the contrary, we spend 90% of our...

Water Ionizers

Practical Uses for Acidic and Alkaline Water The New Solution to Drinking Great Water from AlkaViva on Vimeo   Other Uses for Hydrogen-infused Alkaline Ionized Water (in addition to drinking) Cooking rice Coffee, black tee and herbal tea Heavy drinking and hangover Various dishes Liquors and cocktails Plants Vegetables and fruits Vegetables with unpleasant odors […]

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