Water Distiller MH943SBS

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Water Distiller

Manufactured by: Megahome Corp., TAIWAN

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  • Have you ever tasted absolutely pure water?
  • Distilled water is 99.9% pure water.  By using a water distiller you get water that is purer than any bottled or tap water and purer than any other type of filtration or purification method.
  • With our water distiller the water is first gently boiled. This kills off viruses and bacteria and leaves most of the pollutants behind. The steam is then captured in a stainless steel coil where it cools to form pure water. This water then passes through an activated charcoal filter to finally remove any trace impurities
  • Your water distiller produces 4 litres of absolutely pure water in five to six hours. All you do is fill it up, switch it on and let it run.
  • It drips the water into a BPA-free polypropylene container which is designed to fit easily into a fridge and also fits inside the water distiller for easy transportation.  It turns itself off automatically – you do not have to worry about it overheating.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 36 cm
Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption W



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