Power Bank 10 000mAh

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Power Bank 10 000 mAh

Manufactured by: Haldeman LLC&Jimmao Int.Corp.®, Taiwan/U.S.A.

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This is our Bionic Cube power bank for powering the Bionic Cube on the go for up to 36 + hours.

This is our  Bionic Cube power bank for powering the Bionic Cube on the go. The power setting can affect the battery life a great deal but the battery pack will run the Bionic Cube For 36 hours Plus on the medium or lower power settings. This makes it ideal for travel and outings to restaurants as well as any other gathering or event. Large or small the Bionic Cube puts you in a far richer ion environment giving you and the folks around you more peace of mind and another layer of defense. It has all the popular power inputs and has Dual High Amp Outputs. The digital power indication is clear and accurate. It is Super Compact and can be charged at the same time you are charging your phone and running your Bionic Cube.


  • Capacity 10,000mAh, 37 Wh/3.7 V
  • Power Inputs: 5V 2.1A Max
  • Input Types: Micro USB, USB-C, Lightning
  • Power Outputs: 2 x 2.1 USB-A
  • Input Ports: 1 x USB-C, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Lightning
  • Power level indication in 1% increments from 1-100
  • Compact Size and High Quality Build
  • Bionic Cube Logo

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