How to Purify Air with an Ozone Generator Air Purifier

  • Many people believe that they need air purification. This may be true, BUT they also may need odor deodorization, and bacterial sterilization. In so doing the air is naturally fresher because the source of the odor has been destroyed.
  • The most important point to understand is that there are two very different ways to use ozone. When using an ozone generator for air purification it is recommended to use as little as ozone as possible.
  • Air Purification is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT USE of ozone from unoccupied room. High Ozone Shock Treatments that are designed for removing serious odors such as mold.
  • It is recommended to pre-treat areas with High Ozone Shock Treatments, in unoccupied rooms, to first remove the source of the odor before attempting ozone air purification
  • Kills up to 95% of airbone bacteria and viruses

What`s the difference between a residential Ozone machine and a commercial one?


Residential machines will do any job we have rated them, but the more powerful commercial machines will do it faster and, in some cases, with more control.

Your Ozone generator will make your indoor smell as clean and fresh as the outdoors after a spring shower. Ozone Generators can easili rid your home and vehicle of odors, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.

Common Residential Uses Include:

  • Reduce health risks & remove odors from sick rooms
  • Easily kill and mildew caused by flooding or leaks
  • Remove smoke odor caused by house fires or wildfires
  • Eliminate party odors (stale beer, alcohol, and smoking odors)
  • Get rid of pet smells and urine odors
  • Treat mold, mildew, smoking odor and food odor in boats and vehicles

Ozone Generators are an extra source of income and foster repeat business for our commercial customers.