The Ultrasonic System

AIR-O-SWISS uses ultrasonic technology to increase your comfort. The ultrasonic system uses high-frequency vibrations to turn water into a micro-fine mist, which is then blown by a fan into the room where it immediately evaporates. Ultrasonic humidifiers consume very little power, and a replaceable demineralization cartridge (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology) ensures water mist without lime scale or mineral residues.
A built-in hygrostat and additional output regulator ensure that every Ultrasonic unit properly humidifies the room in which it is used. AIR-O-SWISS’s anti-microbial protection system prevents microbial growth in the water base. This is particularly important when the humidifier is not used for some time with remaining water in the base.

The mist exits the appliance at a comfortable temperature of 104° F if you choose the pre-heating function on AIR-O-SWISS’s Warm & Cool Ultrasonic Humidifiers. The Digital Ultrasonic Humidifiers use «ITC™» technology (Intelligent Temperature Compensation) that monitors the temperature and automatically adjusts the output when conditions change. Units with digital technology allow the user to monitor the exact humidity of a room and preset the desired humidity. Cleaning and maintenance reminder messages help make caring for the digital units very easy.
The quality AIR-O-SWISS products that use this advanced humidification system are listed on our Online Store.

The Air Washer System

This process of humidification and air washing uses a disc system that continuously turns through water. In doing so, the humidifier discs wash impurities such as dust, pollen and other airborne particles from the air– just as rain washes the air clean in nature.

The Air Washer automatically humidifies correctly because air will accept only the amount of moisture it is able to hold at a particular temperature. This is known as the “self-regulating principle” and prevents over or under humidification.

Unlike our competitors, AIR-O-SWISS air washers come equipped with a chemical-free anti-microbial protection system: the «Ionic Silver Stick®». This is particularly important when the humidifier is not used for some time with water remaining in the base. The Ionic Silver Stick® is self-regulating, renews itself, is maintenance-free, does not require any power for operation and is good for one year of continuous use.

AIR-O-SWISS offers the benefit of pre-ionization with select Air Washer models. Pre-ionization charges particles as they enter the air washer. Charged particles form clusters that are easily washed off into the base. This process results in greater air purification.
AIR-O-SWISS is proud to offer the first Air Washer with advanced digital technology. A digital display enables the user to view current room humidity for greater control and convenience. Auto shut-off, programmable humidity control, refill reminders and unit maintenance messages are among the other system enhancements digital technology adds to the Air Washer process. Read more here…
Refilling and maintenance of an AIR-O-SWISS Air Washer is made easy thanks to the removeable water tank design with visible water level.

The Evaporator System

The AIR-O-SWISS evaporation system humidifies room air using an evaporator wick. Evaporators are equipped with a special pad (also known as the evaporator wick) that when soaked in water humidifies the air that passes through the system. A fan draws dry air through the moistened wick and re-circulates properly humidified air back into the room. As air passes through the unit the evaporator wick catches and retains various dust and other airborne particles to some extent.
Evaporators automatically humidify correctly because air will accept only the amount of moisture it is able to hold at a particular temperature. This is known as the “self-regulating principle.” This self regulation eliminates the need for additional humidity control devices such as hygrostats.

This process of room humidification using wick evaporators requires very little power to operate because energy for the evaporation process is taken from the air.

The Air Cleaner and Combi-Systems

AIR-O-SWISS air cleaners and combi-systems remove even the smallest particles from the air, to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere. Allergy suffers will enjoy great relief from the benefits of the systems unique filtering design.
– A combination of 2 HEPA Filters reduces the levels of air pollutants such as pollen, dust and spores up to 100,000 times smaller than a human hair. This team of filters retains as much as 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 micrometers in size.
– The activated Carbon filter absorbs unpleasant odors from tobacco, cooking and animals that create breathing discomfort.

– The Combi Unit offers the same particle filtering and odor absorption with the added benefit of self-regulated, hygienic humidification for an optimal environment any time of the year.
– AIR-O-SWISS Air Purifier systems are extremely quiet, easy to handle and feature an exclusive functional design.

The Air Cleaner and Combi-Systems

The water in a steam humidifier is heated until it boils away. In electrode vaporizers heating is caused by electricity flowing through the water between two electrodes. The more minerals the water contains, the stronger the flow of electricity and the greater the steam output. In heating element vaporizers, the water is heated by a heating element. The electricity does not flow through the water itself. Consequently, the humidity output and power consumption are independent of the water hardness. This is why the power consumption is lower. The hot steam can even warm the room air slightly by releasing energy. Vaporizers are very powerful – a hygrostat is recommended.
When a vaporizer boils the water to create steam it kills any microbes or bacteria that may exist. This effectively eliminates the need for anti-microbial additives with vaporizers.
AIR-O-SWISS currently produces heating element vaporizers that are available in the European and Asian markets. However, these units are not available in North America at this time.

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